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Project update April 2021

The Final Report of the East Street Place Making and Public Realm Masterplan is now available - download the report HERE or watch this short video update (adjacent).

The focus of the project is the section of East Street with restricted vehicle access running between Cannon Street and Dalby Avenue but also considers how East Street can connect with neighbouring areas.

Over the autumn of 2020, we extended the consultation and undertook further in depth stakeholder engagement, which included multi-stakeholder group workshops to build on the earlier online interactive map, user surveys and street observations.

Next steps for the project is to secure funding to bring the ideas to reality.

Who is behind this project?

The project is funded by multiple partners including Bedminster BID, Bristol City Council, Deeleyfreed, Firmstone Consortia, Dandara and O2 Dominion. The project is being coordinated by Bedminster Business Improvement District (BID).

Who is working on this project?

The BID has commissioned a multidisciplinary team led by McGregor Coxall, who bring award winning experience in successful high street regeneration schemes. The team includes Alec French Architects, a well established, award-winning, Architectural Practice who will assist in developing an architectural strategy for the high street buildings.

Also, Streets Reimagined, a locally based urban design practice bringing a people-centred approach to the creative process of reimagining streets and urban spaces. Streets Reimagined will be focussed on enabling the community to get involved and shape the design process.

Also on the team are Phil Jones Associates who are a transport agency who prioritise designing places for people and not just infrastructure. They will drive the sustainable transport approach with a particular focus on the one-way section of East Street between its junctions with Cannon Street and Dalby Avenue. Completing the team are Ginkgo, an independent public art and cultural producer. Gingko will focus on the cultural interests of the project so that they can be nurtured and made visible within the streetscape.